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Age of Conan Launches in Russia and Poland

Funcom announced the expansion in a press release, full of the traditional PR speak of course. This is particularly interesting, with the “just 100,000 subscribers?” thing in mind:

After having lower customer retention than anticipated in 2008, Funcom is now seeing a distinct turn of events when it comes to Age of Conan. Not only has the company seen a significant improvement in subscription retention, the trend is also that the players spends more time in-game. As a result Funcom continues to invest heavily in the game, and currently more than 120 people are working on adding new content.

Trying to take a positive spin are we? I guess that’s fine, so long as it is true and not just stalling.

Russian gamers should go here for more, and Polish ones can go here.

Less Than 100,000 Subscribers?

Rumor has it that Age of Conan sports less than 100,000 paying subscribers. This according to analysts at DnB NOR Markets, who are bringing this up as a follow-up to chief financial officer Olav Sandnes resignation due to the poor performance of the company. Funcom is reporting a loss of $23.3 million, whereas Age of Conan is responsible for $22.8 of those. Ouch.

On the other hand, Funcom is estimating that the first quarter of 2009 will bring in revenue in the range between $6 and $8 million from Age of Conan. That’s assuring for the players at least, the game shouldn’t be in peril just yet, and with a movie on the way, along with the Russian expansion and whatnot, the game’s just not over for Age of Conan just yet.

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