The MMORPG game for newbies

As an avid supporter of the gaming world, it can be difficult to comprehend that there are those of you out there who either don’t know what an MMORPG game is, or simply don’t understand the appeal.

Here is a little guide for the newbie. Massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG) are a genre of role-playing video game that have a very large interactive space for gamers to access. Within this space is a virtual game world, where you can assume the role of a character of your choice or creation. You control everything they do. As such these games are completely different to alternative options, like the card game based PartyPoker or Angry Birds.

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Age of Conan on Facebook

There’s an official page on Facebook for Age of Conan. If you’re into that sort of thing you might want to fan it or something.

Re-evaluation period results in more tits

According to video game site, Funcom’s re-evaluation move resulted in a noteworthy increasing activity, bringing lots of old players back once again. Funcom even states that entire guilds have made their return to the game.

The results of the campaign are really good with server activity booming … The feedback from returning players has been really good so far, and it seems that the game’s massive changes since launch is making a big difference for them. We’re very excited to see the renewed interest among former players!

It sure seems that Erling Ellingsen on Funcom is quite pleased with the result.

Eurogamer checks out Rise of the Godslayer

Need more on Rise of the Godslayer? Eurogamer presents their own preview of the spectacle which you can digest right here.

Age of Conan Expansion Announced: This is Rise of the Godslayer

conanpriestess.jpgThe first expansion to Age of Conan was announced on Gamescom, and it brings us to the lands of Kithai. This is Robert E. Howards very own adaptation of China, and it shows, both on the screenshots and in the trailer.

With the expansion we not only get a new landmass in Kithai, we also get the Kithan playable race, new armor, combos, and other things that a new area generally brings in any MMO. No new classes though, the current ones will have to suffice and I think that sounds like a good idea. Kithai characters will start in Tortage, as usual, but will travel to Kithai when the night questline is finished, much like Cimmerians travels to Cimmeria and so on. Tortage is said to be slightly updated to fit the Kithans entering the scene, that’ll be interesting to see.

The expansion takes a step from the Robert E. Howard short story Tower of the Elephant in some fashion, and it is set years after this occurs. How Conan slaying the imprisoned elephant-like good in that tower has anything to do with Rise of the Godslayer isn’t known at this time. Read more

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